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Walking on asphalt - interpretation of sleep

Dreams in which a person walks on asphalt have an important meaning. This can mean future obstacles, difficulties and difficulties.

East Dream

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sleep asphalt
Sleep asphalt - interpretation of sleep

If in a dream you had to watch as builders lay asphalt, be prepared for pleasant changes in life. Things will improve, and you will feel the long-desired stability. Finally, you can breathe freely. In the dream, to walk on the asphalt that we just laid, so that footprints remain on it, warns you about a trick. You will be charged with participating in an ignoble act, so you will have to defend your innocence.

Combined dream book

Asphalt in a dream - in reality, obstacles await you in simple at first glance matters.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

It is bad if you had to walk barefoot on asphalt: a dream warns you about the unsatisfactory state of your health. If the asphalt was dirty, everything is more serious than you think.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

To dream in the asphalt - to the sudden obstacles in everyday affairs. It will seem that problems arise out of the blue. If you walk on the newly laid cover, it means that you will look good in the eyes of other people. If you get dirty with uncharged asphalt, you have to find out personal relationships for a long time. Go somewhere on the dirty asphalt - be prepared that you catch a cold or get sick with a mild illness.

If in a dream you had to lay the cover with the help of a skating rink, you will have to closely get acquainted with an influential person who has authority, influence and everything in society.

Dream Dream Thelomena

If you dream in a dream that you are walking without shoes on an asphalt road, this is a good sign. Joy, happiness and success will accompany you. Life will be filled with joyful events, nothing will darken the serene sky of your peace. If you ran headlong over the asphalt, your innermost wish will come true very soon.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

Walking barefoot in a dream on asphalt means your openness and vulnerability to detractors. At any time, you can substitute the footboard, and you fall.Be more careful that your enemies do not get the better of you.

Modern dream book

Running barefoot - in real life you will find unprecedented luck and success. Fate will be favorable to you, so you will be able to carry out all your plans and intentions.

Dream Adaska

To see an asphalt road in night dreams, or to observe people who are laying the cover means that an unexpected obstacle will appear in a simple matter. This will create a lot of difficulties, but you need to be prepared for this.


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