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We ask Santa to fulfill your dreams!

We ask Santa to fulfill your dreams!New Year is a miracle. For children and adults. For people from all over the world. This holiday is looking forward to several days or even months. Carefully prepare, select the right outfit, make up the menu and decorate the room for the celebration. And all with one goal - to meet the upcoming year in a cheerful company, close to loved ones, and also - to make a wish. For centuries, people believed that on New Year's Eve all wishes come true, because magic reigns around. How to make a wish for the New Year so that it comes true? We will tell about all the mysteries and secrets here in order for the Goat to fulfill all your dreams.

Psychological aspects of desires

Psychologists say that people don’t want to learn how to make a wish for the New Year, not because they believe in the existence of Santa Claus or special magic. Often they do this because they want to shift the responsibility. For example, a woman might want to lose 10 kilos in the next year, and then eat a third plate of Olivier. Putting aside tomorrow what many people can do today is used to.On the other hand, any dream can become an excellent goal that will motivate a person to act. You asked Santa for a new car, but you understand that there are no miracles. And in a day you will have to get up at 8 in the morning in order to go to work through traffic jams and earn your dream. According to the psychologist, this is how successful people think, whose New Year's wishes come true most often.

Another interesting conclusion of experts concerns children's wishes for the New Year. After all, they allow us to understand what kind of foundation we laid in our child. If a girl asks Santa for a doll at the age of 8, this is normal. But if she dreams of a rich man, you can judge the negative stereotypes imposed by society. If a small child wants to get a tank and a weapon as a gift in order to diminish bad uncles, consider watching the news less and spending more time with the baby on the street, doing handicrafts or studying.

We ask Santa to fulfill your dreams!

How to make wishes for the New Year?

With all this, making wishes for the New Year is a moment that is necessary for each person, during which he forgets about problems, returns to his childhood and believes in the best.Scientists have proven that strong faith can fulfill any dream. Therefore, the first rule is to make a wish sincerely, filling it with faith. This will help to make any ritual.

We ask Santa to fulfill your dreams!

  • Write your request on paper, set it on fire, drink ashes to the chiming clock at 12 at night.
  • Light a candle and whisper your wish over the fire so that the vibration from your mouth touches the flame.
  • Go outside and catch the snowflake. Keep her in mittens during a chiming clock. If it does not melt, your dream will come true.

Collect some photos of your dream in an envelope. Seal and throw in the mailbox marked "Santa Claus". During the chiming clock, drink champagne for the health of Grandfather Frost.

We ask Santa to fulfill your dreams!

Remember that all requests must be clearly stated. Do not think of something unreal. Stas Mikhailov is unlikely to divorce his wife to marry you. But here you can dream of a single neighbor.

Remember that it is not so important how to make a wish for 2015. More importantly, what you have done to achieve the goal and what you are ready to do for it tomorrow. The universe always responds well to good.


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