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We lay out the bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are popular and respected in many countries of the world because of their practicality, the incredible variety of colors and sizes, and even a number of reasons. It is time to update the tiles in the bathroom. To do this, prepare the walls and floor for further work. Initially dismantle the old tiles, clean the walls from the old paint and plaster or putty that has departed from the masonry. Then all spread surfaces are primed (concrete is better by contact). We turn to the installation of frames for ducts that will close the water and sewer pipes. It is very important not to forget to prepare places for inspection hatches in places where the meters are installed.
 We lay out the bathroom with tiles
After we sheathe the frames with the help of GKL (better waterproof, for obvious reasons). GCR is enough to handle the soil of deep penetration.After the preparatory work is completed, we proceed directly to laying out the tiles. First of all, we mark the floor and walls. On each wall we draw a vertical line strictly in the middle, in order to determine which trimming will turn out in the corner. This will determine how to start spreading the tiles: from the dash in different directions or, passing it, in the center of the tile. In the same way, we mark up the floor.
 We lay out the bathroom with tiles
A very important point: when laying the floor tile, the adhesive is applied with a notched trowel on the base and on the tile. At the same time, voids under the tiles are not allowed. Work is done with the help of crosses and wedges, the latter help to level discrepancies in the size of the tile. The floor is laid out in one horizontal plane.
 We lay out the bathroom with tiles
When gluing tiles to the walls, it is very important to evenly lay out the first row - this is the key to a beautiful and even jointing in the future.
We spread the bathroom tile
Exterior corners are refined with plastic corners. Emptiness under the tile of the uppermost row is also not allowed, because when installing profiles for the ceiling, you can get into the void.
 We are laying the bathroom with tiles
Grouting is done the next day after work is finished, so that the glue has time to dry. Otherwise, the tinted grout will not dry evenly and will not be monotonous.
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Preparation of mixtures (glue and grout) is made strictly according to the instructions on the package. Apply the grout with rubber with a spatula, 10 minutes later it is washed off diagonally with a sponge moistened with water. After 30-40 minutes, the tile is wiped with a dry soft cloth, and all seams are also rubbed with a cloth to remove bumps and shells.
 We are laying the bathroom with tiles
After this mandatory procedure, smooth, smooth, beautiful, and most importantly, tight seams are obtained. Internal corners remain free from trowel,they are sealed the next day with sanitary silicone to match the color of the joints or any other at your discretion.
 Spread the bathroom with a tile
By sticking to these not complicated rules, you will be satisfied with the new bathroom for a long time.

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