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We make ourselves a beautiful wedding bouquet

What kind of bride can do without such an indispensable wedding accessory as a bouquet, because it is he who is first in importance after the wedding dress, in composing the whole image of the bride and groom. Beautiful flowers not only decorate the girl, they bring in her image certain colors, light and richness, but what to say, it is difficult to imagine any bride without a festive bouquet in her hands.

An important part of the image of the bride

What is interesting, but the tradition of wedding bouquet in the hands of the bride, which is already familiar to us, appeared relatively recently, over the previous centuries, both the plants used and the appearance of the bouquet changed. For example, in ancient Rome, young brides were married with a bouquet of garlic and rosemary, it was believed that only such plants can be the key to a happy and rich life together.

But among the Slavs, the bride's bouquet was replaced with a wreath, which was woven from strongly smelling flowers and herbs, which, according to ancient beliefs, frightened evil spirits from the happiness of the future family.In the 18th-20th centuries, English brides got married exclusively with a bouquet of forget-me-nots or pansies, and already in the 20th century, waterfalls began to come into vogue.

Currently, the bridal bouquet is not limited to any traditions or fashionable trends, the girl has the right to choose the option that best complements her wedding image and emphasizes her individuality.

Of course, the easiest way to contact the nearest design studio or a good florist, who, based on personal taste preferences and experience, will be able to offer you the most interesting and sophisticated models.

Bold decision

But, oddly enough, lately it is increasingly possible to meet brides who decide to make their own wedding bouquet with their own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists. Of course, they probably know that the bouquet created by themselves has a special positive energy and can even become a real wedding talisman for your future young family! Even if you do not pay attention to all these magical things, independent making a bouquet allows you to create a masterpiece, which you have long dreamed of and imagined.

How to pick flowers for a bouquet?

First of all, of course, you need to make a start from personal tastes and preferences: if you are allergic to lilies, then you hardly want to see such a flower in your bouquet, no matter how beautiful and fragrant it is.

The same applies to all other flowers, not everyone likes roses, although they are the most popular for creating a bridal bouquet, if only because the rose goes well with almost any girl and any dress. Whatever it was, but still there are several criteria and recommendations that help determine which flowers to choose for the implementation of their dreams.

  • Repeat the theme of the wedding: if the whole celebration is decorated in a restrained European style, then exotic flowers are unlikely to suit you and, conversely, the wedding in a marine or tropical style will not be combined with strict roses or, for example, lilies.
  • Try to achieve an ideal and harmonious combination of the outfit of the bride herself with the bouquet. For example, if there are bright elements in the dress, it is better if the flowers are the same shade with them. A delicate white dress will not tolerate too bright and saturated shades of colors - they will distract attention from the bride and look like an alien “spot” in a whole image.If you still want a bright combination, then take care of the balance - bright makeup, jewelry, shoes. If you choose a milk-white dress or champagne (not pure white), then it is better to give preference to cream or pink flowers so that the fabric on their background does not seem to have a dirty shade.
  • Choose resistant flowers, because your bouquet will have to keep a fresh look all day long, another option is to use a special capsule or porcelain basket with floral foam. Most often for these purposes, use roses, lilies, unblown peonies, tulips, orchids, as well as additional shrubs and decorations.

Required inventory

To create the most beautiful and unusual bouquet of the bride, you will need to acquire some necessary tools and materials:

  • sharp knife or pruner;
  • portbuketnitsa and floral foam. The latter is sometimes called an oasis, because with the help of its moisture the flowers can, as long as possible, retain their freshness. It should be noted that a bouquet with such a device is somewhat heavier than usual, but in order not to look for where to put flowers in the water in the middle of a walk, it's worth it.
  • Fabric, ribbons, decorations. Most often use satin ribbons, which decorate the stems, sometimes use organza or any other translucent material that holds the shape well.
  • Flower glue may be needed when forming a bouquet.
  • Green leaves, as well as other decorative additions, for example, gypsophila or asparagus branches.
  • And, of course, flowers! Their number will depend on the type and size of the desired bouquet. For example, in order to create a dense spherical bouquet of roses without a used printable basket, it can take from 20 to 40 pieces.

The technology of creation itself is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance: having a little imagination and patience, which is important, because an average bouquet can take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours of time, you can create a very interesting and pretty flower creation.

Remember that you do not have enough experience, so do not delay the creation of a bouquet for the last hours before the triumph, it is better to make it from the evening.

If you do not use a portbook, then you can make a simple bouquet of roses simple: to do this, cut all the thorns on the plants, so as not to hurt your hands during the holiday.Fill with cold water a large container with water and dip the roses in it, in the same place, under water, it is necessary to cut all the tips at an angle.

Select the four most open and large roses, form a square of them, which will be the center of the bouquet. In one hand we hold a bouquet, and with the other we alternately supplement the conditional center with a new flower, moving in one direction to get the shape of a dome.

You can choose flowers yourself

The bouquet can be fastened with the help of a tight elastic band, which is hidden under a beautiful satin ribbon or the stems are cut to the same level and wrapped in a beautiful fabric that can be decorated, for example, with a brooch.

If you want to use a portbuketnet, then the principle of creation remains the same, you just need to put an oasis in her leg, thoroughly soaked with water, the sphere itself is fixed with wire or tap tape, which wraps the entire surface of the leg right up to the base of the sphere of the netbook.

At the next stage, it is necessary to decorate a leg wrapped with a tape-tape, usually for this purpose cloth or satin ribbons are used.

Now we form a bouquet: roses, or any other flowers, you need to confidently insert into the oasis, the flower foot should go to the surface of the oasis by 2-3 cm.In order for flowers to hold even better, a special floral glue is applied 1 cm above the cut.

If you want to get an unusual and unformatted bouquet, then do not be afraid to use non-standard details in it: shells, fruits, berries on stalks, rhinestones, brooches, paper or felt flowers. Wedding bouquets of beads or fabric flowers, which can also be really made with your own hands, look very interesting.

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