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Welding services

We want to provide welding services. There is little experience. There is a mobile welding machine, a protective face mask. What else might you need from the equipment? What are the subtleties of this work.
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Answered on June 19, 16:16
The biggest problem, usually lies in the fact that welding needs to be done in places where there is weak electrical wiring. A powerful welding machine can overload the system and wiring will deteriorate. Consider buying a powerful stabilizer to connect through it
Answered 19 June 17:00
And sometimes it happens that you need to carry out welding in a residential area, for example, mounting the heating system. In order not to harm property, consider buying a welder's tent and use it in premises that are unsuitable for work. See specifications.
Answered on June 19, 5:30 pm
Welding work - quite flammable.

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