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What accessories does a girl need?

Of course, the external beauty and attractiveness of the girl depends on her grooming, as well as on the correct selection of clothes and shoes. However, stylish trifles - accessories that emphasize the personality and taste of the ladies - complete the look.

It’s both simple and difficult to choose accessories that suit you: a wide range gives you a lot of freedom in choosing different jewelry, bags, scarves, etc., but from all this variety it’s important to find exactly what suits you. In order not to spend a lot of time looking for suitable accessories in regular stores, you can use the services of online stores: it's easy, fast, convenient, plus a large selection of things for every taste. For example, you may be interested in the online store FancyShop. Here there is everything that is necessary for a modern girl, starting from gloves and bags and ending with housekeepers. High quality products, excellent design and not least the style and taste of the proposed accessories - you will find a thing that you will like and fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

And in order to search for the right accessories did not occur randomly by the type of “I like this and like it, we must take it”, we will make a short list of those accessories that are needed for modern girls.

Women's accessories: how to add a wardrobe?

  1. A bag. In everyday life, the girl will need three different bags: medium or large, roomy enough (for work / study), a small bag or a backpack (for walking / going to cafes, cinema, etc.) and an elegant handbag (for parties, hiking in theater, that is, for events requiring to be "in all its glory").

  2. Scarves and shawls. Their task is to complement the outfit, to make bright accents. The number of scarves, shawls and stoles depends on the needs and wishes of a particular girl. Among the necessary, you can highlight a warm knitted winter scarf (preferably in a single set with a hat and gloves), one or more light bright scarves (to “dilute” a calm and strict business image or give a simple dress), palatine (for example, under an autumn coat ).

  3. Gloves - for autumn and for winter, necessarily in harmony with the outerwear, hat and scarf.

  4. Decorations. The choice of the quantity and type of jewelry is in many respects individual, but in any case it is better to rely on quality rather than quantity.Better is one cute bracelet made from quality material than five of the cheap plastic beads. In order not to suffer, trying to pick up a pendant harmonious with earrings, you can buy a couple of sets of jewelry. It is useful to have more simple, but pretty rings, rings and pendants for every day, which will emphasize the everyday look, as well as a few catchy decorations for festive events.

  5. Belts. Get one or two high-quality dark belts of medium thickness for jeans and trousers, as well as a couple of colored narrow straps for skirts and dresses that are in harmony with them in tone or contrast. Wide belts do not go very thin and little girls, they are perfect for tall and slender women with a pronounced waist. Narrow belts fit almost everything.

  6. Umbrella. Any girl will need a quality umbrella that fits easily into a bag. The main requirements: usability, durability, harmony with the general tone of outerwear (for example, spring and autumn raincoats).

  7. Purse, beautician, business card holder, key holder. Again, the rule is: less is more.Buy one quality accessory from the proposed ones that will be comfortable and suitable (for example, so that all the necessary cosmetics fit freely in a cosmetic bag and you can take it with you). These things will serve you faithfully for many years.

  8. Sunglasses - in harmony with the type of face, hair color and overall style of the girl.

  9. Beach accessories. If you spend a lot of time on the beach every summer, then you also need them. It can be light, but strong slippers, shales, a bright swimsuit, a summer hat and a bag that fits everything you need on the beach.

Make a list of necessary accessories for yourself, first assessing your wardrobe and deciding exactly what you are missing, and go looking for it!


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