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What are change houses?

There are such living conditions, when you need in the shortest possible time to organize affordable housing, which had all the conditions for normal living. To do this, produce temporary cabins, which are easily transported and can be transported to any place. It should be noted that the use of this type of construction is very extensive, they can be residential, or office, or sanitary, or dining rooms.

Househouses differ in type of frame structures. This is metal and wood, it is clear from this that wooden wooden cabins make wooden outfits faster than metal ones, and consequently their cost price is less.

Iron change houses are more expensive and more durable from the Bytovkin company. In addition, metal cabins are much easier to carry their transportation from place to place, among other things, they are stronger when you need to build some structure and at the same time remove internal partitions. When compiling modules, you can not only put them side by side, but also on top of each other, while receiving not a one-story building, but three.Similar cabins you can buy on the site of the company "Bytovkin" - http://www.bitovkin.ru/bytovki-dachnye.php.

From the outside, these cabins are trimmed with siding or profiled sheet, while the interior finish can be different from plastic and MDF panels. Between the inner and outer trim is a layer of insulation of five centimeters, vapor barrier is laid.

Wooden sheds are available in two categories, building and cottage. Summer cabins trim more expensive materials to give them aesthetic appearance. If you do not plan to transport the wooden cabins from place to place, then it can serve you for a long time.

Construction sheds are made of a simpler material, so their price is lower than successful ones. Now produced a huge number of sheds of different sizes. There is an exception in wooden cabins, only they are limited in size, since the maximum length of the building material is only six meters.

Iron same cabins can be produced in any size, but there is one nuance, a large size of the cabins, will make it more difficult to transport.

In any case, if you are planning to build a country house, and you have nowhere to settle the workers, then the only option would be to buy a bunk.You will not even need to clean it after the construction is completed, since you can adapt it both for a storage room and for something more useful.


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