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What are chips made of?

Irina Cheverda
Irina Cheverda
October 2, 2014
What are chips made of?

Chips are one of the most popular snack foods. Young people prefer them to beer or - and even worse - on an empty stomach. Many do not even think about what the chips are actually made of. In an ideal world, these are sliced ​​potatoes fried in large amounts of butter. Of course, today it may be somewhere and sell chips, which consist of one potato, but these chips need a good look.

The real composition of the chips is wheat and corn flour. Starch is added there for better binding. It turns out a mixture that holds its shape well and at the end of cooking is not much different in appearance from thinly sliced ​​potatoes. However, such a product in taste has absolutely no resemblance to potatoes. It is in order to hide this that food additives and seasonings are applied. The main ingredient of such "improvers" is the infamous monosodium glutamate.

However, do not rush to get upset. In small doses, the body can digest almost everything. The main thing is not to abuse.


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