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What are effective effective masks with botox?

Botox shots are quite effective, but dangerous and have many contraindications. But you can do without it, if you use effective cosmetics. Find out which Botox effect masks are the best.

How do such masks work?

Botox injections promote muscle relaxation and thereby smooth out wrinkles. But the component has toxic properties and affects the nerve endings, so it is considered unsafe. Injections may also be harmful.

Useful masks with the effect of Botox do not contain botulinum toxin, but have a pronounced effect in several directions:

  • Smoothing and leveling skin texture. The face becomes smooth, making it look younger and fresher.
  • Getting rid of fine wrinkles. It is unlikely that the masks will relieve the deep nasolabial folds of the mask, but the crow's feet near the eyes will definitely make them less noticeable.
  • If the composition includes moisturizing ingredients, the cells of the dermis become saturated with moisture and hold it for a long time, which makes the skin elastic and prevents dehydration and dryness.
  • Increased elasticity and elasticity of the skin due to the stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen.
  • Cleansing and subsequent narrowing of the pores, which helps to get rid of black dots.
  • Acne treatment.
  • The alignment of the tone of the face.
  • Relief of inflammation, elimination of irritation. This is especially true for owners of sensitive or problem skin.

For your information! Most of the ready-made shop and home masks with a botox effect have the consistency of a jelly or gel, and after drying, the composition as if tightens the face, which provides an additional lifting.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the advantages of masks with botox effect:

  • Home remedies include only natural ingredients.
  • The application procedure is completely painless and even pleasant, unlike Botox injections.
  • Minimum side effects. The maximum that can be encountered is an allergy to certain components and slight redness.
  • The use of masks is much cheaper than injections.
  • You can use the tool independently and at home: it is simple and does not require special knowledge.
  • The positive effect, which is noticeable after the first application.


  • There is a risk of allergic reactions.
  • To achieve visible results, you need to apply masks regularly and undergo a complete course consisting of at least 10 procedures.
  • Preparing a mask with your own hands can cause difficulties, although you can find a simple recipe that involves the use of available ingredients.
  • There are some contraindications.

Shop Mask Overview

Consider the best ready-made masks produced by cosmetic companies:

  1. "Elitecosmetic Peel off Botox-like mask". The composition includes an extract of algae, which tightens the skin and has the effect of lifting. The manufacturer promises the result after the first application.
  2. TONY MOLY Intense Care Syn Ake Eye Mask. This product is suitable for fighting wrinkles around the eyes, contains peptides, plant placenta, marine collagen and epidermal growth factor. The product deeply nourishes and moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, restores elasticity, stimulates the growth of new cells.
  3. "Botox Like Sestem" from "Belita" contains peptides and a complex of polysaccharides. Such active ingredients give elasticity, contribute to smoothing wrinkles, even out the relief and correct the shape of the face.
  4. BOTOX-THERAPY from Ninelle. Collagen, vitamin E and peptides in the composition will help to preserve youth and achieve a lifting effect after completing a course consisting of ten procedures.
  5. “Botox effect”, “BelKosmex”. The manufacturer claims that the unique substances in the composition allow you to block the transmission of impulses through the nerve endings, thereby relaxing muscles and eliminating wrinkles. In any case, the mask is worth buying and testing, because its another advantage is the reasonable price.

Homemade masks

Effective masks with botox effect can be prepared at home. We offer top most effective recipes:

  1. In a hundred milliliters of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of potato starch. Warm up the mixture on the stove and stir constantly. When the composition thickens, allow it to cool slightly, add honey and apply a thick, even layer on the face. After half an hour, you can rinse the product with warm water.
  2. This mask contains Dimexide and Solcoseryl. Combine a tablespoon of Dimexide with ten tablespoons of warm water. Apply this liquid on your face, and then lubricate your skin with “Solcoseryl”. After 15 minutes, you can wash using warm water. After application, there may be a slight burning sensation: if it intensifies, immediately wash off the mixture.
  3. Gelatin pour cool milk (the proportions are indicated on the bag).After swelling of the composition, warm it to liquefaction. Now apply the mask, evenly distributing on the surface of the face. When the mixture has solidified and will remove the skin, gently remove the formed film. Instead of milk, you can use fresh cucumber juice.
  4. Brew strong green tea and let it brew for at least an hour. Add the pulp extracted from the leaves of aloe. Apply the gruel on the skin, leave for half an hour, and then wash with warm water.
  5. Mix hyaluronic acid (in ampoules), coconut oil, chopped avocado pulp and dexpanthenol cream in equal proportions. Apply the formula evenly to your face, stand for twenty minutes and rinse or wipe the remnants with a tissue.


Both store and home masks are not recommended to apply after recently performed aggressive procedures (face cleansing, deep peeling, mesotherapy), with exacerbation of dermatological diseases with localization on the face, fungal skin lesions, individual hypersensitivity to certain components, open wounds and burns. Some products are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

General rules of application

Finally, a few general rules for applying effective masks with a botox effect:

  • Do masks regularly, preferably two or three times a week at intervals of two to three days.
  • Complete a complete course consisting of 10-20 procedures. The amount is determined individually, taking into account the age and skin condition.
  • After applying the product, do not strain the facial muscles, do not allow facial expressions.
  • To enhance the effect, unzip the face before the procedure.
  • Perform an allergic test: apply a small amount of product on your wrist and follow the reaction.
  • After washing, you can apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.
  • The composition is applied on massage lines: from the center of the face to the periphery.
  • Rinse the mass carefully: first let it soak, then remove completely.

Start making masks with botox effect in order to see the results in the mirror in the near future!

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