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What are fees?

January 13, 2015
What are fees?

The word "collection" in the Russian language has many meanings. All of them are diverse and used in all sorts of situations.

Let us consider in detail what collection means.

The word "collection" in the military

In military practice, these meanings of the word "collection" are used:

  • The team with which the call is made personnel;
  • A meeting of military personnel on a specific occasion;
  • The accumulation of information about something or someone. This may include the collection of information about the enemy;
  • Military assembly convened for the purpose of training.

Other interpretations of the word "collection"

Consider what relates to fees in economic terminology:

  • A fee is a mandatory fee that is charged to individuals or institutions;
  • Garntsevy collection is a deduction that is transferred to the owner of the mill as a payment for the grinding.

It is very easy to understand how tax differs from tax. Tax, as well as duty, is levied systematically, and the fee - one-time. It is paid for access to a particular type of activity. Charges regulate the use of natural objects, without them licensing in all its forms and forms is impossible.This type of payment comes only in the budget of the highest level.

Among other meanings of the word, the following can be distinguished:

  • Cash collection produced in film distribution;
  • The signal that drummers, trumpeters and other musicians play;
  • The period of time in which the collection is something (berries, fruits);
  • Drug collection, including several types of small raw materials or herbs;
  • Sports fees - large-scale meetings of groups of athletes, lasting a short time. People are gathered for the purpose of training, education, as well as carrying out the necessary training;
  • Harvesting - balancing a horse while riding.

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