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What are the high mountains called?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
July 9, 2014
What are the high mountains called?

High mountains, and indeed any terrain, are mainly formed as a result of the movement (overlapping or displacement) of tectonic plates hidden under the ground. Our article will tell about the name of the highest mountain formed in this way.

Chomolungma is the highest mountain in the world. Also called Everest (the more famous name in the world). The height of the mountain is 8 844.43 m. Above sea level.

Well, here are the smaller mountains:

  • Aconcagua - located in the mountain archipelago of the South American Andes. The mountain peak soars into the sky at 6 962 meters above sea level.
  • McKinley - this peak is located on a mountain formation in North America. The height of the mountain is 6 194 m. Above sea level.
  • Kilimanjaro - the snowy peak of this mountain, which is located on the sultry prairies of East Africa, rises above sea level by 5,895 m.
  • Elbrus is a mountain peak, which is called the roof of Europe, although the mountain is located on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the highest point was recorded 5,642 m.
  • Vinson - this giant is located in the southern icy expanses of Antarctica. Its height is 4,892 m.
  • Punchak-Jaya - this peak is located on the lands of Oceania and Australia. Its height is about 5,030 meters above sea level, and the slopes of its base are the largest gold and copper mines on the planet.

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