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What is the watch for?

Ksenia Pogorelova
Ksenia Pogorelova
December 28, 2012
What is the watch for?

From time immemorial people invented and believed in signs and superstitions. Hours and time - one of the most important things in human life. So what is the watch for? Different people interpret this sign differently. Each person had his own personal experience in subsequent events after finding the hours and, accordingly, the explanation and interpretation would be positive or neutral on the one hand, and negative on the other.

Signs and superstitions: hours

For example, some people believe that if you find a clock on the street, it means time itself reminds you of something that you forgot to do, that you put it off until later, something very important, that is waiting for your performance. soon. Do not waste your time! Finally, do all your business! Do not shelve them.

The same belief about the clock applies to dreams. Find a watch in a dream - you understand that you need to save time and not lose it in vain. But for a more detailed and detailed interpretation, I would advise you to turn to professional dream books.

Others think that finding a watch is a very bad sign.According to experts, any selected item (including personal watches) that once belonged to another person has a very powerful owner’s energy, both positive and negative. Sometimes people deliberately talk things over and throw them away in order to ward off the evil eye or damage. And such a find can sometimes bring you all sorts of trouble.

Why find a watch, you now know. Therefore, it remains to wish you not to lose your watch and not pick up other people's things! And the rest, as you set yourself up, so the found thing will behave itself! Watches are no exception.


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