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What are they looking for in Yandex?

Search engines reflect both the mood of society as a whole, and the popularity of the most significant aspects here and now. And by what they are looking for in Yandex, one can safely judge the spiritual and material condition of our society. You can make your own conclusions if you follow the link wordstat.yandex.ru and enter any popular search query (or one that reflects your interests). Such a method can perfectly help novice sociologists. As an example: the request “porn online” (with related requests) beats all records in popularity. Our citizens recruit this phrase more than 40 million times a month! While the search query "Rimsky-Korsakov online" dials only 351 points. Therefore, classical music today interests the few.

In general, Yandex indexes billions of pages, and caching the data found once in the vast world wide web of data will help you find and view information that has already been deleted from sites. Answering the question about what they are looking for in Yandex, you can definitely answer: everything. And the popularity of a particular request, you can spy on the above wordstat.yandex.ru.

What are looking for in Yandex now?

You can also easily view all the results that Yandex users are entering right now online. For this there is an excellent corporate service, which you can visit by clicking on the link. This page displays all the countries in which Yandex operates. Such an observation can be useful both for experienced optimizers and just for curious users.

What is most often searched for in Yandex and not found?

Few people assumed, but in Yandex it is possible and not to find the necessary information. However, as in any search engine. As an example: if you want to find the complete works of Noam Chomsky, then this is unlikely to work. One can only guess about the reason. In practice, you can enter and get results on absolutely any search query, but no one guarantees that the desired page will be found. At this stage of obtaining information, providers and hosting companies that simply block objectionable content are already involved. Restricting access at this stage is very easy and safe. We could observe such an approach of Internet censors during the tragedy in Krymsk, when Yandex conscientiously indexed the blog pages of eyewitnesses to the floods, and 503 bad get away or 404 error was waiting for you according to the passed links.So claims to the search engine in principle can not be.

It is worth mentioning that Yandex will not be able to find only those pages that are not indexed by it. Any search engine is designed in such a way that it does not search for information immediately and instantly. The search engine will show you only those pages that are in its database - the index. If you have created a site and want it to be available as soon as possible, then you should inform the moderator about it, otherwise you will have to wait up to several weeks. You can do it here:.

What they are looking for in Yandex: SEO

Since the advent of the first search engine, an industry such as search engine optimization has arisen. And it must be admitted that it is not the pious optimizers that are increasingly hampering companies to make the search useful. This is especially true in the provincial major cities, when the request you get anything, but not useful information. The query “price siding in the city of N” leads to all sorts of databases on stores, building markets, delivery services, and so on. Thus, unfair optimization tools for a user's request can produce a real advertising slag, which brings pennies to the owners of such sites, but makes life difficult for the user.


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