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What banks sell coins?

Silver and gold coins are a great way to invest. If you suddenly have a difficult life situation, then you can always return the coins to the bank and get money for them. It is also very profitable to invest in precious metals in the run-up to economic crises. And all because prices for precious metals remain unchanged, while the currency is plummeting. So let's look at what banks sell coins. View a list of banks that sell memorabilia and investment coins, you can by clicking on this link. Next, we will talk more about the types of coins that sell banks.

Investment coins

One of the varieties of precious coins are investment, which you can buy not only for personal storage, but also as a gift for friends or relatives. Also, such coins will be ideal for a wedding gift. They are produced in small quantities, which gives the products a more exclusive look.Giving such a coin to a friend, you can not think that he already has the same. Sale of silver coins is carried out in any bank. However, it is best to buy at Sberbank, and not at one-day banks. Sberbank has different product quality standards, according to which these coins are made. When buying coins, you can choose not only the pattern of their obverse and reverse, but also the metal from which they will be made.

Sale of investment coins is one of the activities carried out by Russian banks along with the opening of cash accounts and currency exchange. It is also worth noting that the nominal value of one such coin is significantly different from its real price. For example, one gold ruble will cost about one thousand rubles, despite the fact that its obverse will be chased, symbolizing the face value of one ruble.

Commemorative coins

In addition to investment banks, they also sell commemorative coins. Such coins can be put into circulation, and can be put up for sale. Their value is not as great as investment, and most often they correspond to their nominal value. Such coins can be paid in the store.Their release is most often timed to a significant date: the anniversary of the victory, the birthday of a famous person, and so on. Such coins are highly valued in the society of coin collectors, which is why they are not circulated. An example of such a coin could be the famous coin with the symbols of Sochi-2014 with a face value of 25 rubles. Despite the fact that it was released in large quantities, no one in circulation had ever met her, since it could only be purchased in a bank.

Rare coins

The next type of coins that can be purchased in the bank are coins of previous eras, that is, Soviet and coins of Tsarist Russia. The sale of Soviet coins carried out by banks includes the sale of coins issued also in honor of memorable dates. Ordinary Soviet coins buy in the bank does not work. Selling coins of Tsarist Russia is also carried out in banks. They sell not only coins of a collectible nature, but also the simplest ones that were in use at that time. Such coins are mostly interested in coin collectors, so it will be very difficult to find them in a bank branch, because once they appear, they are completely sold out after a small amount of time, even if there were a lot of them.

Buying coins is not only a hobby, but also a profitable investment of money, because whatever the inflation, the value of the coins always stays at the same level. Besides, collecting coins is a very interesting and exciting activity at all times!


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