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What basal temperature should be during pregnancy

After the onset of ovulation, the norm of the basal temperature is considered to be 37.2 degrees, but after conception it changes due to hormonal jumps. Often, with the help of this temperature, doctors diagnose possible pathologies of pregnancy - depending on its decrease or increase. So, at low basal temperature, there is a threat of miscarriage or fetal death.
Before the onset of menstruation, the basal temperature drops to 36.9 degrees, while the second half of the menstrual cycle is characterized by its increase to 37 - 37.2 degrees. If, for eighteen days, the basal body temperature remains consistently elevated, then the woman is most likely to be pregnant. However, even with the onset of menstruation, a pregnancy test is recommended,to eliminate the increase in basal temperature due to the increased effect of progesterone on the woman's body during this period.
On average, the basal temperature during pregnancy can vary from 37.1 to 37.3 degrees, in some cases reaching 38 degrees - these figures are absolutely normal and depend on the individual structure of the female reproductive system. If these values ​​deviate from the norm, this may indicate the presence of certain pathologies requiring medical consultation.
A rise in the basal temperature of over 38 degrees during pregnancy can signal various inflammatory processes that only a doctor will detect. If the basal temperature is below 37 degrees, you should follow their changes - in the case of consistently low figures for several hours, you should consult a doctor, because the course of pregnancy may be complicated. When viewed in the body of a pregnant woman, a low level of the hormone progesterone can also be detected, an artificial increase in which will save the pregnancy. Progesterone along with the basal temperature decreases and with a missed pregnancy - in such cases, the woman causes artificial birth.

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