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What is better multicooker?

Choosing a slow cooker, in the store you will be offered such options as a double boiler or convection oven. In order to choose what you need, you need at least a minimal knowledge of what each of the devices is, and then decide what is best for the multicooker.

What is a multicooker

Based on the name of the unit, it can be understood that the slow cooker means many options for cooking boiled or stewed dishes. It combines the function of pots and steamers. In this device, the heating element is located at the bottom, and the air flow rises up the pan, enveloping the products. In it, you can cook anything your heart desires, and all dishes are very tasty. Also a positive point in the multicooker is the presence of the heating function.

The negative side of the unit is steam, which is pulled out from under the cover. You need to be extremely careful not to get burned. Another disadvantage is that, despite the fact that, with all its utility, this device is not very well fried products.

Convection oven

It has a heating element located at the top, in the lid. There is also a fan, with the help of which the warm air is distributed throughout the flask of the aerogrill. Such a device unit allows you to heat up the cooking dish evenly from all sides. Sometimes the device is compared with the Russian stove. Products for cooking are placed on the grill. This allows the hot air to circulate and warm up and cook food evenly. In the convection oven you can cook any dish, even bake something in pots or do baking.

In aerogrill there is a negative side. Yes, the device is different, well-fried products. That's just the benefits of such products is much less than those that were cooked in a double boiler. It is also worth noting the gravity of aerogrill compared with other devices for cooking food, as well as its strong heat. Therefore, children should not be near the bulb.

Double boiler

If you figure out what is better multivarki, then in this case, we can say that the double boiler is no better. From the very name of the device it is clear that heating and cooking of products occurs due to hot steam, which is formed when water is heated in the lower tank of the device.This is a great find for people who have a stomach ulcer or gastritis, or for those who are on a diet. But the taste of cooked dishes leaves much to be desired. Save the situation can only add seasonings, sauces, but they carry a lot of calories and poorly digestible components, so the meaning of diet is reduced to zero. Among other things, streams of escaping steam are unsafe.

Also the negative side of the double boiler is that it works “on water”, i.e. if during the cooking process it ends, you will need to stop cooking and add the right amount of water. In some models, the steam boiler itself will be able to pour water. Using water always means that the heating element will be contaminated with scale, which will need to be removed from time to time.

As for the positive aspects, the double boiler is designed for two types of work. When one is defrosting products, while the other - cooking products. There are steamers that allow disinfection of baby bottles, as well as reheat food. Dishes that cooked steamer, are very useful.

Choose by needs

As for the choice, which is better than the multicooker, there is no definite answer. As you can see, the convection oven, the double boiler and the multi-cooker are intended for cooking products, but at the same time they are completely different devices. The choice depends on how your family eats, and what you want to achieve.

So, if you like cereals, stews, then choose a slow cooker. If you care about health, but at the same time like to eat tasty food, then you should get a convection oven. If someone from the family has problems with the digestive tract, then instead of a multicooker it is better to purchase a double boiler.


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