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What blooms in March?

Angelina Ivanova
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What blooms in March?

Spring begins with a wonderful month of March! In this first month of spring, nature begins to transform. Icicles hang from the roofs, the sun is already warming, and sap flow begins near the birch. It is about the trees and flowers that bloom in March, today will be discussed.

Flowering plants in March

What blooms in March? Already in March you can find flowers that have covered your garden with variegated flowers. First of all, these are tuberous and bulbous plants. For flowers that bloom in March, the tulip is excellent. Of course, he needs a place in the sun and in drained soil. A wet soil tulip can not be transferred. The tulip flowers are brick-red in color, and the leaves are straight and die off in June.

The bulbous plants that bloom in March are also daffodils. In the hot season and in winter the narcissus is an onion, and in spring it blooms. Flowers blooming in March, namely daffodil, must be planted in late August or early September. Daffodils need well-lit places where there is no wind and draft.

Let's talk about crocuses that bloom in March. You can find another name for this plant - saffron. They must be located in well-lit, sunny places. The crocuses blooming in March are worth seeing, they are great. Crocuses as if announce the arrival of spring with their appearance, and finish to bloom in October.

All children know what are the very first wild flowers blooming in March. Of course, these are snowdrops. In some areas, these flowers begin to grow as early as January or February, and in the middle zone they bloom in early March. Duration of flowering snowdrops is only 3-4 weeks. Flowers in snowdrops have a milky color, complemented by green stripes or small spots.

What trees bloom in March?

Can trees blossom in March? People suffering from allergies, namely, pollinosis, will answer you in the affirmative. The pollen of some trees that bloom in March, of course, is valid. The season of flowering trees opens alder. Black alder is a rather large plant, and gray alder, on the contrary, is a small tree of forests and forest edges.

From the trees that bloom in March, you can select another hazel (hazel).In the city, you can often find hazel in park areas. Peak dusting occurs at the end of March, and it lasts 14-20 days.

Birch bloom occurs in April-May. It turns out that in some regions the birch can bloom in March. But despite this, the main period of dusting at the birch is celebrated on the May holidays.


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