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What can you give a girl?

Starting a new relationship or being in them for some time, many guys think about what you can give your girlfriend. Approach to the choice of a gift is thorough, as sometimes further relations may depend on it.

Below we will present a number of gift options for the girl.

Possible gifts

In order to make a girl a nice gift, you need to watch her, and she will tell you what she wants or what she needs at the moment.

Among the possible gifts are the following:

  • Jewelry. It is worth noting that this is the easiest and most proven way to surprise a girl. In extreme cases, you can replace precious metals with expensive jewelry.
  • Dear perfume. Here you need to know the girl's favorite fragrances, so as not to be mistaken with the choice. Otherwise, the girl simply will not use them.
  • Wrist Watch. With this gift you need to be extremely careful, as some people believe that they give the clock to the separation. But if your girlfriend likes a stylish watch, then, most likely, she will like this gift.
  • Modern gadget.You can also purchase a modern gadget as a gift: a player, a mobile phone, adaptations to a computer (mouse, speakers) or machine technology (a modern player in a car, a DVR).
  • Certificate for various entertainment. To date, more and more people have begun to choose as gifts gifts for various activities: horseback riding, parasailing or ballooning, small trips, visits to spas or relaxing treatments. It is also possible to purchase tickets for joint pastime: going to the theater, to a concert or other events.
  • Hobby. Do not forget about the hobbies of the girl, who can push you to the desired gift. If a girl is interested in photography, then you can give a good flash or lens, or another device for the camera (a stylish bag, for example). For lovers of painting, you may be advised to purchase a set of paints or brushes or a ticket to an exhibition of paintings by the artist that she likes. You can also consider kits for needlework as a gift option.
  • Flowers Making a gift, you need to think about his flower accompaniment, because all girls love flowers. Do not give flowers that the girl does not like.If she prefers potted flowers to fresh flowers, then you can make such a gift. You can read about the choice of flowers here. What flowers to give to a girl.
  • Romantic evening. If you can not decide on the choice of a gift, then you can just make a romantic evening at home or in a cafe, restaurant or in extreme conditions in the forest, on the roof of the house or on board the helicopter.

More gift options for girls for different reasons can be found in the articles:

Unwanted Gifts

If we talk about gifts to girls, then there are a number of those things that are not worth giving.

  • Corrective means. This includes a variety of means for weight loss, for the care of problem skin (acne, acne, wrinkles). Such gifts can be regarded as a reproach and the girl can harbor a grudge.
  • Cosmetical tools. Also, do not choose as a gift cosmetics or make � up products. A girl might think that she doesn�t look good enough or use bad makeup. This also includes certificates to fitness clubs and trips to beauty salons (with the exception of relaxing massage and spa procedures).
  • Cheap souvenirs. If you do not know what to give a girl, remember that you should not present cheap gifts: toys, souvenirs. It is better to make a romantic evening or go to the cinema or cafe.
  • According to etiquette, you can not give the following: intimate things (underwear), accessories for smoking and alcohol. This rule can be violated if you have known each other for a long time and the gift will be correctly regarded.

No matter what gift you choose to give to your beloved girlfriend, the most important thing is to do it with love.


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