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What are the kids watching?

Television today amazes with its abundance and diversity, and children always remain children. You can highlight the most popular cartoons, programs and films that are popular with children.

What are the kids watching today?

Cartoons for the little ones

Very small children under the age of one year old are interested in advertising, and not so much its meaning or characters, as the fact that the pictures are constantly moving and literally flickering. They love to watch cartoons in which the characters make sounds that are characteristic of themselves (“Eggs, birds”).

One-year-old children are already starting to walk, they develop prehensile and play reflexes, so they are interested in characters whose logic is appropriate, childish. Examples include the notorious "Teletubbies" or "Tini Love".

When the kids grow up a little bit, they become interested in cartoons about animals, and the picture should be voluminous and bright. Among them are "Smeshariki", "Shaun the Lamb" and "Hop's Bunny". Their characters are interesting for their cheerful nature, as well as the fact that their life is full of adventures.

If you have a child from one to three years old, watch what the children are watching. "Masha and the Bear" stands apart, this cartoon is loved by absolutely all kids. The main character is a mischievous little girl with huge eyes, disturbing the calm of the bear. What she just does not get up! On the example of Masha, you can see all the childish pranks and whims.

Recently popular cartoon about Luntik. This extraterrestrial baby lives in the forest with insects that are his friends. The cartoon is instructive for children, because at the end of the series there is always morality, and the main character does good and helps the inhabitants of the forest.

Recently, many parents are in favor of developing cartoons. This is a good indicator, as your child, playing, acquires all the necessary skills. These videos include Dasha the Traveler and Musti. Heroes - a girl and a white cat - help children learn to draw, sing, learn the names of colors, objects, shapes and learn how to behave correctly.

With age, the tastes of boys and girls begin to differ. First of all, it manifests itself in the choice of cartoons. If girls watch “Winx”, “Beauty and the Beast” with interest, then boys prefer “McQueen's Lightning” or “Cars”.

Many kids are not indifferent to the cartoons of Soviet times.They adore Cheburashka, Leopold the cat, the hare and the wolf from "Well, wait a minute!" parents.

Pupil preferences

The life of a first-grader changes dramatically - he finds himself in a completely unfamiliar world, where he will have to be for quite a long time.

What do our children watch when they are younger? In order to comply with the daily regimen, even doctors recommend watching “Good night, kids!”. It should be said that the children of the senior group of the kindergarten and first-graders prefer this program about the adventures of Khryusha, Fili and Stepashki.

Girls of school age are beginning to watch TV shows on the sly, they like “Nanny Vika” and “Daddy's Daughter”. Boys watch Transformers with interest.

Among the films that are popular with children of both sexes, all the pictures are about Harry Potter - children grow up with them, learn to distinguish between good and evil, as well as appreciate their friends. "The Chronicles of Narnia" came to mind lovers of hiding and adventure.

Among the cartoons are becoming popular Disney "Lady and the Tramp", "Beauty and the Beast" (in girls); "How to tame a dragon", "Turbo" (for boys), etc.

Children discover the world through TV shows, they know the advertising slogans in and out. Any little girl quotes "Voroninsky" mother. The availability of such videos for viewing by children is what parents should take care of, because not every film carries morality. Therefore you should pay special attention to what your child is watching!


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