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What do dogs like?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
November 26, 2014
What do dogs like?

A dog is a true friend of a person, because often it saves from loneliness, gives happiness, and in some cases even saves life. The owner must necessarily please his pet to repay him good. Below you can find out what the dogs like.

What brings the dog joy?

To bring your pet pleasure, you do not need to spend a fortune. After all, the animal is content with small joys and will simply be happy from the usual stroking on the head.


It is important to know that dogs love to communicate with their owner, because he proves that he loves his pet. For this reason, you should spend more time with the dog. You will notice that she will become more obedient, faithful, it will be better to eat and less naughty.

The walks

Many dogs love to walk, because they learn a lot of new things, meet with their fellows, and most importantly, spend time with their beloved master. So if you want to please your dog, just walk with him,he will be happy


Many dogs love to play. You can just throw a ball or a rubber plate. Run along the lawn with your pet, lie down on the grass. It is also noticed that dogs love when they are slightly pushed, so they remember their carefree childhood. As a result, the dog will take you for his fellow man and subsequently will obey without question.


Dogs like to be touched. Stroke your pet on the head, he will surely be happy. Ordinary stroking a pet gives him great pleasure, because this action brings him back to the times when he was a puppy and his mother took care of him. However, most of all dogs like it when they scratch their chest. From such actions, they get real pleasure.

If your dog loves to comb his hair, then you can comb his wool, at the same time you also improve the appearance of the pet. Pat the dog on the withers, so she will understand that you consider her as your friend, and will feel more respect for you.


Pamper your dog with her favorite treat. Surely you know about her taste preferences, so why don't you make her pleasant by feeding her a favorite dish.That's just not worth it to give your pet prohibited products, even if he is crazy about them, because with this you harm him. Better to pamper him with meat, it will benefit him and he will be very happy.


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