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What do parents give to the wedding?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
1 March 2013
What do parents give to the wedding?

A wedding is one of the most important and important days in life, both for newlyweds and their parents. There is so much to do, prepare, some are worried about how it will pass. Others think on the topic that parents give to the wedding. In this article we will talk about what gifts you can make for the wedding to children.

Wedding gifts: options

Of course, everyone understands that a gift depends on a budget that parents can afford. We will give a variety of options. In addition, it happens that the parents of the bride and groom join forces, so you can make a more substantial gift than two separate gifts. So let's get down to the options:

  • To begin with, it is worth noting that parents sponsor a wedding, and some consider it a gift, and some still give gifts.
  • Money is the most common gift, and sometimes the most adequate. After all, everyone understands that the newlyweds have a lot of expenses for arranging their lives, and it is better to let them choose what they need for it.The amounts depend on the wealth of the family, it can be several thousand, tens of thousands, both rubles and foreign currency. There are no limits to the sums, as well as no limits to the parental love for their children.
  • Appliances. With this gift is more difficult, as one of the guests, can give the newlyweds the same type of technology. And this will bring inconvenience to the young family: it will be necessary to get rid of duplicates. And here, an option: money, comes to the rescue again. With donated money, the couple will be able to buy the necessary equipment.
  • Dishes are always useful in the household, parents and guests think. But in this case, it is necessary to take into account the tastes and wishes of the young, perhaps they are very scrupulous in the choice of dishes, and choose it, for example, by coloring, so that it fits into the design of the kitchen.
  • Furniture. Such purchases are still better coordinated with the children, let them choose the furniture, within the budget, and you just pay.
  • Another option gift from parents: honeymoon trip. Although in Russia this tradition is only gaining momentum, but many have been following it for a long time. And isn’t the wedding a reason to send your children to Maldives, for example? The choice of location, of course, should be left for the newlyweds.
  • A car, if you know the wishes of your children, you can easily arrange a surprise for them by presenting the keys to a new car at a wedding.
  • Apartment, or another type of housing for a new family. And if the apartment is already there, then you can donate repairs. And family life will begin with a new interior.

Now you have several options, and to answer the question that parents give to the children for the wedding, you can. And assessing your capabilities, you can make a more acceptable choice for you.


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