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What is the forehead scratching for?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
March 26, 2015
What is the forehead scratching for?

Sometimes even skeptics are trying to find meaning in national signs. So, for example, a lot of beliefs are associated with when this or that part of the body itches. This article will tell you what itching on the forehead.

What can itch your forehead?

There are several variations in the interpretation of this omen. So, most often the forehead itches to make an important decision. It may also indicate that a person is in serious need of a conversation with his superiors. It is better to show the wonders of diplomacy, otherwise you can be left without work.

If the forehead itches on the eve of the date, then the person will have to decide something, and in lightning order. The future of the relationship depends on the speed of the decision. There is an opinion that the forehead itches when a second half is angry with a person.

Often, the forehead itches to the fact that a person will have to ask someone for something. Moreover, if this part of the body itched on the right side, then you will have to have a difficult conversation with a man, on the left - with a woman.


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