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What does york look like?

Anna Mikhailova
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What does york look like?

If you want to have a dog, you can pay attention to the Yorkshire Terrier. Dogs of this breed are docile, friendly and have a very cheerful disposition. However, in order to acquire a truly purebred puppy, one should know before buying how what York looks like and what signs are deviations from the norm.

Exterior of york

York is a miniature, compact dog with a long silky hair, which is the pride of this breed and a graceful posture. The coat color of York from the neck to the tail should be a bluish-steel color, without impurities of black color. On the tail, the fur is usually of darker shades, while on the ears it should be richly golden. On the chest hair can be 2 shades - brown - bronze or golden brown. Any deviation from this color range is considered a vice, and the dog is subject to disqualification.

It is worth knowing that puppies of this breed are born completely black, but upon reaching three to four months of age, fawn color will be visible on the paws.When the puppy turns a year old, the hair on the back changes to a bluish - steel color.

In order to imagine what size a dog will grow, it is necessary to pay attention to his mother and father, since heredity in this case plays a big role. If you are going to participate with York in exhibitions, then it is better that when you buy it with you there will be an expert who can instantly identify all deviations. Also planning to expose the dog, it must be taught from childhood to the daily hygiene procedures, namely washing and combing. From the age of four months, her coat should be lubricated with cosmetic oils and the puppy should be worn on the hind legs of the stocking in order to preserve the coat. Now you know how to identify York, and how to care for its wool, and you will grow a wonderful dog.


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