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Why dream of a big wave?

Elena Samoilova
Elena Samoilova
February 19, 2015
Why dream of a big wave?

Dreams related to water are very interesting from the point of view of esotericists. Water symbolizes the flow of energy, the world, in some cases - knowledge. It is not surprising that the question of what the big wave dreams about is answered differently. Interpretation depends on what the person felt, looking at her, how far he was, what are his life priorities.

What does a man and woman dream of?

A big wave to a girl often foreshadows marriage. The symbol that appeared in a dream means an increase in the energy of a woman, her attractiveness.

A man can count on a significant breakthrough in business. True, it will take strength to be able to seize the opportunity, to direct energy in the right direction.

Sometimes a big wave in a dream suggests that you should expect difficulties in life. If the water is dark or muddy, the trouble will be serious.

How do dreams interpret magicians?

If a big wave dreams of a person engaged in esoteric practices, he should be careful: he is dealing with powerful force,which is able to help him develop or bring trouble.

The dream foreshadows the opened opportunity to accelerate learning, movement towards the goals set. It is important to consider that the sleeper felt, seeing a big wave, how he behaved in his own dream. Was he walking towards obstacles or was he afraid to come closer and closed his eyes? The answer to the question will help to understand how he relates to changes in life, whether he is ready for them.


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