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Why dream of a garden?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 24, 2015
Why dream of a garden?

Most of our dreams in one way or another indicate our internal state, or foreshadow the imminent events. That is why various dream books are so popular that help interpret dreams.

In order to correctly interpret the dream of the garden, you need to remember all the details of your dream and all your emotions during it.

Interpretation of sleep

The garden is a symbol of a person’s personal space, his affairs and plans; such a dream characterizes the actual state of affairs of the dreamer.

  • Launched, overgrown garden - a sign of confusion and despondency, the lack of plans and desires. A large number of weeds speaks of the dreamer's great fatigue.
  • To dream of a plowed garden speaks about the readiness to carry out his plans, about inner self-confidence. A vegetable garden that flourishes and bears fruit in most dream books speaks of inner harmony and foreshadows a long period of calm and well-being, especially in family relationships.
  • Seeing a vegetable garden with vegetables means that the dreamer has many fresh ideas that he will soon bring to life.

Why dream of working in the garden?

  • For a woman, hard work in the garden promises minor troubles and tiredness in reality.
  • If a man had such a dream, it indicates his willingness to have offspring, settle down.
  • Watering your garden symbolizes the need for knowledge, the development of creative potential, and new life trends.
  • Walk around the garden between the well-groomed garden beds for quick success and prosperity.
  • If in a dream you are weeding a garden, then you should get rid of the ideas and principles hindering you, from unnecessary things in the house.
  • To see someone else's garden in a dream is a sign that you spend too much time and energy on solving other people's problems.

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