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Why dream heels?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 7, 2015
Why dream heels?

People always treated dreams with interest. Not understanding the causes of the processes taking place, they mystified this phenomenon, thereby creating an entire industry in the esoteric - onyromancy. Snam give truly great importance today. In a dream, it is recommended to pay attention even to quite ostensibly imperceptible details, for example, articles of clothing. In this article we will look at what heels dream about.

Dream dream of richard arthur

Heels dream of a woman to a new love hobby. If the heels dreamed of a man, then he will meet the woman he liked, but he will not be able to take the first step.

A young woman in heels dreams of new and unusual initiatives for you. Perhaps you decide on a sudden journey.

An old woman in her heels dreams that you should reconsider your plans, ideas and actions and breathe new things into your business, otherwise everything may end in failure.

Esoteric dream book

If you see heels on your own feet, wait for good news and new successful cases.

If your heels are old and worn, prepare for the difficulties and failures in work issues that await you.

If you are in new shoes with thin, beautiful and clean heels, you are waiting for a new romantic acquaintance that will grow into something more serious. Possible, it will be a successful marriage.

May Dream

If the color of your heels is bright and cheerful, for example, bright red, blue, purple or yellow, wait for an interesting and advantageous offer in the near future.

If your heels are low and black, it's time you figure out what's eating you, otherwise there will be no development.


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