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What dreams dying

Dream Dream Thelomena

To understand what the dying person dreams about, you need to take a sober look at the events happening around you. Perhaps there is some kind of threat that is hanging, and it should be immediately prevented. If you dream that you are dying, then the problems will go away, you will not have to solve them yourself.

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What dreams dying?

Modern dream book

To see a dying man in a dream is an alarming sign. This is a foreshadowing of danger, and the threat comes from something you very much trust. What gives you joy and gives strength, will soon turn into evil for you. To see several people dying in a dream is a sign that you and your loved ones, friends, are in danger. If you dream that you are on your deathbed - to a serious illness or a complete fiasco in some important matter that you really hope for.

Dream interpretation 2012

Dying is dreaming - what it is, a symbol of release from the load on the soul and good luck in many endeavors.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

If a relative is close to death in a dream, it means that he misses you, needs your support and participation, thinks about you. According to the dream book, the dying is a symbol of remoteness, “frozen” relationships.But it can be a harbinger of a splash of emotions, most often negative ones, the release of accumulated evil, resentment, and as a result, the beginning of something new.

If a mother is dreaming on a deathbed - it can be a mirror of your mental agony in reality, if your mother really suffers from an illness. If so, then the dream promises a speedy recovery and long summers. A dying mother is dreaming of what it is, she has dreamed of a young girl — her life will soon change. The reason for this will be pregnancy, marriage or the imminent death of a spouse. For a young man, such a dream also promises serious changes in life.

The dying father who came in the dream is the herald of his long and cloudless life. If the father has already died in reality, then to see the deceased dying in a dream - the reason to visit his grave and go to church, the father's soul is restless. If you are in a quarrel with a parent on the day you dream, then it’s time to reconcile and bring your family back to life. The initiator of a truce must be you.

To see in a dream the dying long-standing untimely husband - to the coming changes. The time has come to be cleansed of longing and grief over it, to open a new page of life.If the husband was struck down by an affliction, then such a dream is a good omen. Spouse will soon be healthy.

The beloved who came in a dream to a dying person - to an important conversation. It is necessary to forget all quarrels, reproaches, whims, and to talk, there should be no understatement. Such a dream is a reflection of the confusion of the soul, which is restless and wants a happy relationship.

To see a close friend or girlfriend on his deathbed - it means that big problems will soon fall on their shoulders in reality. You can warn them. It can also be a danger signal for you, and friends who have seen in the death agony will come to the rescue.

Dream interpretation admirers Veles

Dream Interpretation tells what a dying woman dreams about. This is a sign of a quick wedding or a meeting with a new lover. To see one who is dying is life will be long and death will not come for a long time.

Dream interpretation V. Kopalinsky

The dead, dreaming of dying. If in a dream someone is suffering in death agony, it means that a serious illness is waiting for him in speed, this is a warning.

Ukrainian dream book

Having seen someone's death in a dream, the dream should be interpreted the other way - to the long life of that person.

The dream of the witch Medea

According to the dream book, dying in a dream - the message is bad.A dream can come true in life. But it is in rare cases, more often - it is an omen of the completion of some important phase of your life and entry into another.

Dream Vanga

The death agony of oneself, seen in a dream, is a sign of a long prosperous life in love and harmony. This is a sign that you are destined to the fate of the messenger of God in mortality.

A dying person is dreaming - what is it, some important world ruler has dreamed up - then this is a significant prophecy. It says that in speed the very wise and judicious person will take over the reins of government, who will put an end to cruel enmity and many wars.

If the agony has dreamed of a seriously ill person - you will face a serious test of money. At stake will be your peace of mind. Ahead is waiting for a deal that promises you a benefit, but because of this, people will suffer. Have to make a difficult decision.

Many dying dreams of terrible events, diseases, privations, terrible epidemics.

Dream predictor

To see a loved one on his deathbed — to his long and prosperous life. The death of thousands of people is a sign that the end of the world is not yet near, many more generations will have time to be born and die.

If a close death of some influential ruler was dreamed up - to be confusion and unrest. It is possible that a significant persona of the world will really die, and the struggle for power will turn into a bloody war.

Severely ill dying to a joyful event - the imminent finding of a panacea for HIV infection. This event will make a revolution in medicine, many hopeless will be cured.

To see in a dream a terrible and painful death agony - a bad sign, predicting a quick meeting with an unkind man, perhaps - a criminal

Dream esoteric

The image of a person dying in a dream - to the long life of that person. To see the deceased dying - to rebirth, spiritual cleansing, great changes in life. Such a dream is a symbol of your being given a chance. If you miss it - there will be trouble, spiritual decline, degradation.

Vedic dream

If a sick person sees himself as dying, he will recover in speed.

Symbolic dream book

Most often, the death agony in a dream is a good sign. Dreams do not belong to the external world, they are individual and subconscious. Dying dreams of the completion of the sad events in life, foreshadow new positive emotions.

To see in a dream the dying of their well-awaited parents - for the good of them, connected with your achievements. But a dream can carry a negative message - to the “death” of their plans, to dreams that are not destined to come true.


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