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Why dream maniac?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 2, 2015
Why dream maniac?

Dreams are a reflection of our reality; every dream has its own interpretation. Why dream maniac, is it worth worrying about such a dream?

Having seen a dream with participation of the maniac, you should not worry too much. It is important to remember all the details and their feelings from this dream. Dreams about maniacs and murderers usually mean major changes in life, but not always these changes are negative.

If a maniac chases you in a dream, and you feel like a hunted beast, it means a serious overstrain in everyday life. It is necessary to stop the pace of life.

Escape from a maniac is treated as an incorrect prioritization. Perhaps you spend too much time working or hobbying, forgetting about your family. Think about what is more important to you.

All dream books agree that when you see a murderer in a dream, you will not come across him in reality. Dreams about maniacs reflect only your inner experiences.

To dream of a maniac with an ax or a knife more seriously. Such a dream is interpreted as having a serious obsession that spoils your life.Sex maniac talks about problems in the intimate sphere associated with the distribution of sexual roles. Maybe your partner overwhelms you.

The murder of a maniac is a symbol of victory over your fears and a breakthrough on the way to your goal. This is a very good sign.


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