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What dreams of bills?

March 25, 2015
What dreams of bills?

It would seem that money always dreams of success and wealth. But is it really? In this article we will try to understand what dreams of bills are dreaming about, what such dreams can mean.

Interpretation of the dream of money

First of all, it should be distinguished, who dreams of bills:

  • For example, following the interpretation of a dream according to Miller’s dream book, banknotes of a man usually dream of having to make an important purchase. It should not be postponed, as the opportunity may soon be missed. For a woman, banknotes promise a great waste. You are advised to be more economical and not to lend.
  • If a man saw that the money was burning, then a pleasant surprise would soon be waiting for him. For a woman, burning bills in a dream mean good change.
  • If money in a dream pours from the sky, then you need to urgently abandon serious transactions. Be careful with loans. Moreover, this interpretation is relevant for both men and women.
  • The ABC of the interpretation of dreams suggests interpreting the dream of banknotes as inevitable success.However, if you saw in a dream that someone is borrowing money from you, then you need to think seriously about your financial situation, it can be shaky.
  • If you see in a dream that money is being stolen from you, it means that you will soon become richer.
  • The dream interpretation of the sorceress Agafi prophesies great fortune to the one who has seen banknotes in a basket, box, bank or any other container. Also, this dream book claims that if money in a dream flies to the wind in the truest sense of the word, then soon you will be disappointed.
  • The dream interpretation from A to Z has a rather interesting interpretation of a dream about banknotes. It says that banknotes dream to travel. Moreover, this interpretation is relevant for both men and women. Sleep is a call to action - start traveling or getting together on a trip you have long planned.

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