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Why dream of breast milk?

Lilya Mayak
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Why dream of breast milk?

Breastmilk in a dream in most dream books is interpreted as a very good sign, a symbol of abundance, well-being and wealth. Of course, such a dream often happens to a nursing woman, which is probably related to her daily worries. However, it can often have completely different meanings. Therefore, in this article we will tell you what dreams of breast milk, depending on the details of sleep.

Basic meaning of a dream

  • To dream of a large amount of breast milk is a very good sign. It means wealth and wealth. For an unmarried girl, he foreshadows a speedy successful marriage and a rich husband. For a married woman, the dream does not promise a single large sum of money, but a constant good profit.
  • In addition, to all the representatives of the fair sex, such a dream promises an increase in career or great success in business. For girls, breast milk in a dream may herald a meeting with a wealthy and very influential person who will play an important role in their future.
  • Some dream books interpret this sign in a dream as respect from the people around you, as well as a new romantic hobby or a whirlwind romance.
  • If a woman dreams that milk is flowing from her breast, then such a dream promises her good health and happiness. If, in a dream, a man sees how milk flows from the breast of his beloved, then, most likely, sleep is in the hand - one can wait for replenishment in the family.
  • Drinking breast milk in a dream is also a good sign. He foreshadows a meeting with a person close to your heart or an exciting journey that will give you a lot of positive emotions.
  • If a woman is breastfeeding a child, then such a dream can be interpreted differently. First, if she does not have her own children, then the dream can be interpreted as a craving for motherhood. On the other hand, sleep may indicate that the dreamer is excessively concerned about her partner.

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