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What dreams of skates?

What dreams of skates? They are said to symbolize that you do not live a real life, but slide past it. Carefully, when meeting with reality, you can hit the ice very painfully. There is also a version that skating warns of a developing disease of the musculoskeletal system. What other options do famous dream interpreters offer?

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What dreams of skates in a dream?
What dreams of skates in a dream?

Summer dream

To see yourself in a dream on the rink - to try to avoid making a decision, to escape from problems.

Modern dream book

In the dream, did you make amazing figures on the ice or even shine in the figure skating championship? This means that in reality, thanks to talent and ingenuity, you will receive recognition and achieve your goals. But if you stumbled and fell, then the project for which they undertook is beyond your ability.

Spring dream book

Skates in a dream mean an unexpected departure, and you will have to get ready for the trip very quickly.

Dream Dream

Gliding on the ice foreshadows in reality to enjoy a pleasant pastime.

The dream of the witch Medea

Dreaming about skating says that you make little effort to achieve the goal, while interfering with your fussiness and others to succeed.

Dream interpretation Maria Fedorovskoy

Acquire skates in a dream - to commit a rash act, which you will regret. Sale of skates - to a truce with a sworn enemy.

Old dream book

Seeing yourself as a skater - to senseless troubles. And to go to the rink in the usual shoes or barefoot - a warning of serious danger.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To crazy adventures, the need to instantly figure out all the options - this is what dreams about skating. Participate in competitions and get a medal? Good luck on your side. If you just watch the skaters in a dream, in reality it's time to relax and unwind.

Dream interpretation for lovers

Skating in a dream - to parting with her beloved. Children, chasing roller skates, foreshadow the need for sacrifice for the sake of love.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

In a dream, do you step on the ice of the rink? A sign that reductions are outlined at work, and your candidacy may be on the list for dismissal.If you decide to ride on a frozen river or lake, the dream warns: your friend is unreliable, he will let you down in an important matter. Sharpen the blades of skates - to intrigue and gossip.

Trying to ride on blunted skates, but stumble and fall - to problems with business partners.


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