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What dreams of tattoo

Most often, the tattoo on the body dreams when its owner is absorbed in some work. It also means that a person with a tattoo can attach great importance to trifles and get carried away with this nonsense. In any case, to correctly interpret the dream, you need to know its details. What else dreams of a tattoo.

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why dream tattoo
What dreams of tattoo

Modern dream book

To see in a dream, your body, covered with tattoos, real life troubles will soon force you to leave your home. Pads on the other - to the jealousy of your soulmate. Stuff tattoos yourself - to disperse in the views of friends who are not able to understand your strange behavior.

Home Dream

Tattoo imagines, if in reality you are worried about painful and unpleasant memories of any events of the past. If the pattern on the body of strangers, it becomes every time more difficult to perceive the criticism of outsiders in reality. Try to be more tolerant to others, otherwise you will be completely alone.

Dream relationship love relationship

Watching a tattoo in a dream cover parts of the other person’s body suggests that intimate relationships with a partner seem too boring and monotonous to you. In this case, you can just talk to your loved one, and you will find the best solution.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

If you tattoo yourself under the influence of other people, be prepared that in reality you will be subject to ridicule. Surrounding you will consider you an eccentric because of the desire for originality. You really shouldn't go over the top with this, or your friends will be embarrassed to get acquainted with such a person.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Dreamed of a tattoo? This is a sign of serious unrest and suffering. From her drawing it is sometimes possible to determine exactly what left a deep wound in your heart. Seeing the tattoo on your body - to harbor a grudge against the person who left you in a difficult moment.

Dream interpretation by Z. Freud

In a dream, you are stuffed with a beautiful artistic tattoo, if in reality you lack romance in a relationship with a partner. Need to diversify personal life. A stranger with a picture on his back indicates that in reality there is someone who really likes you, only he does not know how to say this.

Universal Dream

According to this dream book, a tattoo is a sign of identity. Perhaps, in reality, a person identifies himself with a group of people with certain views and worldviews, and this is very important for him.


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