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What dreams pike?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 26, 2015
What dreams pike?

A dream in which a person saw a pike can be interpreted differently - depending on how the fish is represented. Just see the fish - get information about the plans of your detractors, there is it - the trouble will bypass. But these are not all the interpretations that this dream has, so let’s see what a pike is dreaming of a woman or a man.

Dream interpretation

Pike personifies various changes and influences in a dream. Many interpreters agree that people who are under the strong influence of other people can see a pike in a dream.

If a man or woman has problems at work, then pike in a dream is a harbinger of trouble. Perhaps your leadership is influenced, and the issue will be decided not in your favor. If at the moment you are waiting for a promotion, then it is worthwhile to look closely at other candidates and fight for your position.

If a woman in a dream prepares a pike, then troubles and bad weather will pass by. Pike that bites the finger - the harbinger of trouble. A woman should be more attentive to people around her, even near and dear ones.Caught live fish suggests that a woman in the near future will receive information that will save her. Also pike is a sign of early pregnancy.

For a man, this dream can mean financial hardship or debt repayment. It is worth noting that a dream can symbolize a meeting with a beautiful girl, but the relationship does not last long, but leave sadness and sadness behind.

Pike, which splashing in the bathroom, means the quick failure of your enemies.

If you recently returned from fishing or, on the contrary, are going to her, sleep does not mean anything serious. This is just a visualization of emotions experienced during the day or upcoming.


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