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What Egyptian or Kazakh TV shows can I watch?

Watching TV shows has long been one of the favorite activities in free time for many people: they provide an opportunity to escape from reality, plunge into a new world for themselves and live a difficult story with the characters from beginning to end. Choosing a new series, we think not only about its genre and plot, but also often take interest in the country where it was filmed. The color of the cinema history, the spirit of the area shown, the mentality of the people, typical for nationality character traits and much more depend on the country of origin.

Also, different producing countries often get great shots for various social groups. For example, Brazilian stories about difficult fate and beautiful love are more attractive to housewives, and light and modern American sitcoms are popular with young and witty people. If you want to find something new in the field of TV shows, you should appreciate the creativity of the directors of those countries that you have never watched before.For example, consider a couple of series produced in Egypt and Kazakhstan.

What Egyptian TV series to watch?

Egyptian TV shows can attract you with their exciting and touching stories about the difficult lives of people. For example, you can watch the series "Women's Prison". He filmed on the same story about Egyptian girls, the author of which is the writer Mariam Naoom. At home, the author received wide acclaim and recognition thanks to this scenario.

"Women's Prison" - a series based on real events that occurred on January 25, 2011 in Egypt. The main heroine is the Egyptian girl Galya. The heroine's mother worked for a long time in a female colony, for which the government provided her with an office apartment. But a tragic event occurs - Gali's mother dies, and the girl faces a difficult choice: leave the apartment or continue to work instead of her mother. Galya chooses the second option and is among the prisoners. In the course of her work, she understands how women live in prison and learns a lot from this difficult life experience.

The main role is played by a very famous actress in Egypt - Nelly Karim, who became popular thanks to the TV pictures “Mummy on the Run”, “Abdin Palace”, “Face of the Moon”.Director Kamil Abu Zakri also worked on the show. This is not her first work in collaboration with actress Nelly Karim and screenwriter Mariam Naoom - these three women had previously created a dramatic movie called One-Zero in 2009.

The basis of the scenario "Women's Prison" formed the real stories of several prisoners in one Egyptian prison. The writer on the creation of such a scenario was inspired by the horrific situation of many women in the country.

Which Kazakh TV series to watch?

Kazakh serials can also please you with their live characters, difficult psychological situations and human fates, similar to the lives of ordinary people. As an example, we briefly review the series “Honor Officer”.

The series refers to the genre of an action movie, shows the army in its real position, military operations and the fate of soldiers. It was this task that was created when Furkat Faiziyev, the director of the series, pursued this story. The protagonist of this film story is journalist Batyr, who despises the army and works in the yellow press. Because of the conflict with his father-colonel, he leaves his home, after some time he finds out about his death and comes back.What happens to him further dramatically changes the attitude of the guy to military service. The main storyline unfolds in the army: the main character becomes a soldier of airmobile troops, where he finds true friends and love. In the army, he begins to realize what his father taught him, speaking of male valor, honor and dignity.

In the series are shot both very young and experienced actors. You will see professional soldiers, fighters and special forces, who fought in a real battle in the process of filming.

Choosing for yourself one or another series, find out the country of origin, watch the trailer, read about the plot and study several reviews of the audience - this information will help you to understand whether the next film story will be interesting for you.


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