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What give a paper wedding?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 12, 2013
What give a paper wedding?

You have not forgotten the fun, noisy wedding of your friends, and two years have passed. And the invitation to the paper wedding took you by surprise. You are not that you do not know, you can’t even imagine what they give to a paper wedding and this fun turned into a headache for you. Do not be upset - you can always choose a gift, the main thing is that it is from the heart and from a pure heart.

Choose a gift

Of course, coming to the celebration with xerox paper packaging, referring to the fact that this is a gift for a paper wedding is not worth it. Of course, it's customary to give paper gifts for a paper wedding, but it will be much more pleasant for your friends to get a couple of movie tickets for a show or a concert. Money is also paper and a worthy gift for the development of a young family. For a young housewife you can present a book, culinary or for needlework. For a young spouse, a book is suitable, do it yourself or something about the interior.

DIY gift

Do not forget that the best gift is a hand-made present. If you are extinguished for two years from the date of marriage, and you do not know what to present for a paper wedding, make a beautiful card. You can add there photos of young people, some wishes, poems or memories. This card can be made personally or ordered in a special company. It may be small, or you can arrange it in the form of a poster or banner.

Pleasant trifles

Photo albums and photo frames will be a nice gift for a two-year anniversary. Arrange them in an interesting style, perhaps you have a couple of photos of a married couple in the two years of their family life or before. Pleasant memories are always perceived on ur.

If you knew in advance that you will be invited to a 2-year wedding and that donating is not very important for you, but it is important to surprise you with something - make an article made of paper in Japanese origami style. Two swans will look very beautiful and touching, made with your own hands. This gift takes time, but believe me - it will create a sensation.

In addition to paper gifts for a two-year anniversary, you can also give glass.A set of glasses, glasses, new vase will never be superfluous in a young family.

Gifts to each other

If you have 2 wedding anniversaries, many spouses are worried about giving each other on this significant day. The best gift, according to tradition, is matryoshka. This gift is a symbol of unity and increasing family. Matryoshka should be in every family and give happiness to the married couple.

And remember, the main thing is not what you give, but how you do it. With what feelings, emotions and wishes. Approach the donation with understanding and pure heart; it is then that the gift will give the expected result.


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