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What are hormones affecting?

In the human body there is a number of endocrine glands. They are responsible for producing special chemical activators called hormones. They control and regulate many processes. About what exactly hormones influence is described below.

What hormones affect

There are several main functions that hormones have:

  1. The impact on mental, physical and sexual development of man.
  2. Adaptation of the organism to various conditions. For example, a person's reaction to a change in temperature or climate, stress, and so on.
  3. The effect on the internal state of the organism is homeostasis.
  4. Hormones are special substances that enhance the connection between organs and tissues.

Since they have such functions and have a serious effect on the body, it is important to ensure that they are normal. After all, an imbalance of hormones can cause serious changes, pathologies and diseases.

How do hormones affect the body?

In the human body there is a huge amount of hormones.Each of them has a specific effect on the body:

  • Somatotropin - is responsible for the proportions of the person. With its lack, as a rule, there is obesity, which diet and sports cannot help to throw off. If it is present in excess, then there may be a strong thinness. In addition, this hormone affects growth. It is especially important to monitor its balance during puberty. You can read about what else affects the growth of a man in our article What affects growth.
  • Thyroxin is a hormone that affects the body's energy exchange, the mood of a person, the work of the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. With its deficiency, there is usually observed lethargy and chronic fatigue. Its excess can lead to the appearance of kidney stones or gall bladder.
  • Testosterone - is responsible for the sexual desire in men and the development of their secondary sexual characteristics. In addition, it affects the strength of bones, improves memory, slows the aging process in the body. It is very important that the level of this hormone is normal. Otherwise, impotence may appear in men, and in women its excess leads to excessive growth of hair on the body and face, and skin problems.
  • Serotonin - is responsible for the mood. It is also called the hormone of happiness.When he is in abundance, then the person immediately increases his working capacity, he becomes very mobile and has an optimistic attitude. A lack of this hormone leads to depressions.
  • Glucocorticoids are responsible for the exchange of minerals and substances. They allow you to maintain a person's excellent shape and well-being. With a lack of these hormones, obesity and problems with the immune system are observed.
  • Acetylcholine - has a strong effect on concentration. When he is normal or abundant, then the person becomes more plodding, so he copes with the work much faster. The lack of this hormone causes confusion and lethargy, impairs memory.

How male hormones affect a woman

Women also have male hormones. They have a serious effect on the body, especially during pregnancy. It is the male hormones that are mainly responsible for the maturation of the egg, its attachment to the wall of the uterus and the development of the fetus itself. With a deficiency in the body in women, male hormones can experience serious problems with conception. But it can only be revealed on certain days of menstruation.

An excessive amount of male hormones in women leads to hyperandrogenism - a pathology that can provoke obesity, acne, oncology, problems with the thyroid gland. Also, with their increased level problems with the menstrual cycle may be observed. There are frequent cases of diseases associated with the nervous system, and the onset of early menopause caused by an excess of male hormones.

Regulate the body's hormone levels will help special drugs. They are appointed exclusively by the doctor after a thorough examination and delivery of a series of tests. It is important to take them strictly according to the instructions and for the time specified by the specialist.


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