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What is a baguette?

Yana Merichenko
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What is a baguette?

The word "baguette" of French origin. It has become part of our lives and has several unrelated meanings. To understand what a baguette is, you can only catch the general meaning of a phrase or sentence.

Baguette as a culinary product

Baguette literally translates as "wand". In France, the word is used to refer to a long loaf of wheat flour with a crispy crust and an appetizing flavor. Such products have received world fame and are in demand in our country. Classic baguette is prepared using yeast with a pigtail pattern on the surface.

Baguette as an element of decoration

Baguette is also called blanks, which are picture frames and decorated walls in the room. These are thin wooden products, less often made of metal, with exquisite finishes, showing the luxury and richness of the interior of the room. How to independently make such an element of decor can be found in the article How to make a baguette.

Other meanings of the word

Another application of this word is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. There the baguette is called the Russian operating system, created by world standards and characterized by reliability, high efficiency. It performs many important functions of storing and transmitting data, synchronizes events, and eliminates errors.

In addition, the word "baguette" refers to the type of cut gems, as well as used in equestrian sport in the sense of a half-wrist, through which the rider jumps while standing on a horse.


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