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What is a bunch of?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
December 18, 2014
What is a bunch of?

On the Internet, you can often find in the comments the expression “a bunch of bombanulo” or “a bunch of bombs”, the meaning of which can be thought out intuitively. But, if you do not understand the meaning of this expression, we will try to explain in our article what a bunch is, and where this word is used.

Meaning and use of the word "fart"

“Pukan Bombit” is a very common expression in social networks, which is synonymous with the word “batthurth” (a negative reaction to a comment). This expression is a Russian-language interpretation of “butthurt” (which literally translates as “pain in the ass”). Accordingly, the expression “a bunch of bombs” means “to feel significant pain in a soft place” (that is, simply put, “the ass has burst”). Simply put, if you are annoyed, you burst, and you begin to nervously unsubscribe in your defense - this is what means "a bunch of bombs."

Another meaning of the phrase “pukan bombanulo” is pain in the abdomen, or you want to go to the toilet, or have already gone to the toilet.This is the most harmless version of this phrase. There are other versions of this expression. But basically it consists in the banal "banter" over the interlocutor and is used to bring the person out of himself. On the Internet, students distribute this expression randomly, and often even meaningless. Outside the world wide web, this expression is hardly used. Well, the fascination with similar slang among schoolchildren in most cases passes with age.


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