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What is a capsule?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
May 15, 2015
What is a capsule?

Capsule is a significant term, although it is mainly used in areas one way or another connected with medicine. Let's see what a capsule is in all the meanings of a given word.

Capsule as medicine

Capsule in medicine is called the dosage form, consisting of a shell, which contains a powder, which is an active active substance. When the capsule enters the body, the shell dissolves, and the active substances enter the desired points of the body.

Capsules are hard and soft. The most popular soft capsules are fish oil gelatin capsules. You can read about the benefits of such capsules in the article How are fish oil capsules useful?

Bacterial capsule

A bacterial capsule is a mucous structure associated with the cell wall of a bacterium, having a thickness of about 0.2 microns. The composition of the bacterial capsule usually includes polysaccharides, less often - polypeptides.

Bacterial capsule protects bacteria from damage and drying, prevents phagocytosis.

Capsule as a medical device

A medical device that a patient swallows to analyze his physiological characteristics is called a radio capsule, but more often it is abbreviated as simply a capsule. Radio capsules are a useful tool in diagnostics, with it you can, for example, measure the level of acidity, determine the lumen in the digestive tract organs, etc.

Capsule: other meanings

A rescue capsule is a special ejection device for a pilot and other crew members. Another capsule is called the part of the spacecraft, which is designed for descent and landing on Earth or another celestial body.

A thin shell is also called a capsule, which envelops various organs and pathological formations in the body of a person or an animal.

You can also hear the phrase "temporary capsule" - it is a closed container in which the so-called letter is placed in the future. The time capsule is “sent” usually in a solemn atmosphere, “senders” indicate when and who needs to open the capsule.


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