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What is a cross?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
February 16, 2015
What is a cross?

In our daily life, the cross is primarily a symbol of the Christian religion. The cross is placed on the domes of Christian churches. Every Christian believer wears a cross on his chest. What is a cross? Why did he occupy such an important place in the life of Christians?

A cross is a figure consisting of two (sometimes more) segments that intersect each other (most often at an angle of 90 degrees).

What does the cross symbolize?

Despite the apparent simplicity, the cross symbolizes the whole world and its main point - the center. In the central point of the cross converge all four sides of the world. Also, the cross is the intersection of the visible and invisible worlds. The horizontal line is a symbol of the visible earthly world.

But in the world perception of believers besides this world there is still an invisible world populated by higher powers. The vertical line located above the horizontal symbolizes the heavenly world, the abode of gods, angels and the righteous. The line below the horizontal line indicates the underworld where dark forces and sinners live.

Cross in Christianity

Due to its symbolic value, the cross was revered long before the emergence of Christianity. Today the cross is a cult sign among many non-Christian peoples.

But the cross occupies a special place in the Christian faith. The cross is the instrument of execution of Jesus Christ. Having suffered suffering and died an agonizing death, Christ was revived to eternal life. The same is the lot of any Christian: to endure suffering (the cause of most of them are their own transgressions) and to find a new eternal life.


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