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What is a discussion?

March 7, 2015
What is a discussion?

The word "discussion" has Latin roots. "Discussio" means, in fact, "research" or "consideration." It can be said that the discussion is a comprehensive discussion of some controversial issue raised by several people. It is characterized by an exchange of views. And also - what distinguishes it from other possible disputes - argumentativeness. Moreover, each party during the discussion opposes the other with the help of the above arguments.

Depending on the area of ​​use, the term discussion includes various aspects specific only to this particular area, which are discussed below:

  • What is a discussion in a public context? It may involve a public, nationwide discussion of an existing problem in the media or at rallies, at meetings. Often there is no thesis in the discussion, but a topic is assumed.
  • In the scientific context of the meaning of the concept, discussion activates the learning process and the formation of a theoretical basis. For example, the discussion during scientific conferences.
  • In terms of psychology, the method of discussion by the group used as psychotherapy is applied. Here, group members engage in a specific organized dispute with each other to correct their own psychological problems, as well as the problems of other group members.
  • In a sociological context, group discussion is used as a method for collecting and systematizing data. Its essence is in the organization of a dispute in small groups in order to clarify diverse opinions on a topic of interest to researchers.

As a rule, the purpose of the discussion is not to achieve and substantiate any ideal truth on this issue. Its need, rather, lies in the possibility of a diverse exchange of views of participants.


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