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What is a magistracy?

April 30, 2015
What is a magistracy?

Surely, many have already heard about such a concept as a magistracy. In this article, we will briefly consider what Master is and how it differs from other forms of education.

What is meant by the magistracy

Master's degree is part of the Bologna system. This system includes two steps. The first stage is a bachelor degree. Duration of training - 4 years. Next is the magistracy, which lasts 2 years.

Under the master usually understand this form of education, which follows the undergraduate. The program of the magistracy includes training in scientific basics, also the methodology of scientific work, processing of scientific information. All these skills are taught to the future master for two years. To go to graduate courses, a student must complete an undergraduate or undergraduate program. It takes 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree, and 5 years to get a specialist’s degree.

Being trained in a magistracy on the internal form, the student has the right to conduct labor activity. However, study time is not reduced.

If a student wants to become a master of science, then an individual plan is developed for him, which is approved by the dean of the faculty.

At the end of the master's the student writes a master's thesis under the guidance of the supervisor. May need the help of teachers-consultants.
At the end of the master’s degree, a student who successfully defended his master’s thesis receives a master’s qualification degree and a corresponding diploma.


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