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What is a matrix?

Matrix is ​​a rather polysemous word that came to our speech from German. This word can be found in the field of mathematics, engineering and electronics, and even in the field of the film industry. But first things first. So what is a matrix?

Mathematical matrices

In mathematics, the term "matrix" refers to a mathematical object, which is a rectangular table consisting of integers or fractional numbers. In fact, it is a collection of rows and columns, at the intersection of which the elements of the matrix are located. The size of the matrix is ​​determined by the number of rows and columns. What are matrices in mathematics for? They are mainly used for convenient and compact arrangement of systems of linear equations. With such a record, the number of rows of the matrix will be equal to the number of equations in the system, and the columns will correspond to unknowns. This simplifies the search for unknowns. With matrices you can perform algebraic operations: multiplication, addition, multiplication by a vector matrix and a scalar.

Camera matrixes

Very often when buying a digital camera, sales assistants draw our attention to the matrix. What is the matrix in the camera? It is a chip, which consists of light-sensitive elements, they are called photodiodes. The matrix is ​​an integral part of any digital device designed for shooting. In essence, the matrix converts the visible optical image into an electronic signal, that is, directly into digital data. Photomatrix divides the resulting image into pieces, which are called pixels. Accordingly, the more pixels in the camera, the more accurate the transmission of the original image.

Matrixes in displays and video

It is difficult to overestimate what the matrix means in liquid crystal displays. There are monitors and panels, the device of which includes various matrices. Technology In-Plane Switching, or as it is called - ips matrix, was developed in 1996. At first, she had a number of flaws, but now it is thanks to her that we see on the monitor a rich palette of tens of millions of colors. Another advantage of ips matrix is ​​the transmission of black color, ideal for the human eye. Almost all modern LCD panels are equipped with an ips matrix.

Fiction matrix

Probably everyone has heard of the movie "The Matrix." This is a sensational sci-fi action movie. It represents one of the theories that our whole world is a matrix. The picture depicts the future in which everything that people see is just a simulation, an illusion. This was done by intelligent machines in order to pacify the human consciousness and enslave it. At the same time, machines use human heat, transforming it into energy.

Printing and matrix

If we take the history of the development of printing, we can say what the matrix means in this field of human activity. Man always wanted to see the results of his activities on paper. At a certain point in time, people were puzzled by the problem of reducing the size of printing equipment. At the same time, the development of a matrix for printing was carried out. The idea was that any image would consist of a collection of dots or pixels. This idea was realized through the use of a print head with needles. Today this technology is developed so that the use of dot-matrix printers is one of the most economical.


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