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What is a speaker?

Vladimir Shust
Vladimir Shust
January 22, 2015
What is a speaker?

We often meet various technical terms in the movies, on television or in various books and magazines. What is a speaker? Surely you have heard this word more than once and you are interested to know its meaning.

Meaning of the word "speaker"

Basically, this word refers to a special element of an electrical circuit that is used to generate sound waves that are heard by the human ear. The principle of the dynamics is quite simple: it converts the electromagnetic oscillations into a sound signal using the Ampere force, which moves a special coil with a current in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. Mechanical vibrations, resulting from the movement of the coil, are converted into sound waves using a special diffuser.

The speakers can be found in any device that plays the sound: TV, phone, headphones, speakers, and so on.

Since the speaker device is not very complicated, you can assemble a simple speaker yourself.This requires a magnet, copper wire and paper. You can read more about self-assembly of the device in the article How to make a speaker yourself.

Have you found an old radio or have you made a speaker yourself? Then for further use it needs to be checked.


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