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What is acoustics?

January 12, 2015
What is acoustics?

Acoustics is the science of sound, which belongs to one of the areas of physics. To solve various problems, it uses various methods and disciplines - mathematics, architecture, electronics, biology, and others.

Types of acoustics

There are the following types of acoustics:

  • general:
  • physiological;
  • atmospheric;
  • architectural;
  • musical

Acoustics explores the elastic vibrations and sound waves of different heights. For the first time the term "acoustics" appeared in 1701. Let's take a closer look at what room acoustics are.

Room acoustics and its significance

Audibility of sounds and speech in a room is also called acoustics. In large rooms and rooms good acoustics. This is achieved due to the thought-out architecture of the building. Qualified specialists are developing in advance the design of the premises, taking into account all elements and structures. The acoustics of the hall depend on the height of the walls, their quality and the materials used in the decoration.

Acoustics are also important in residential areas.Here it should be minimal, since the creation of a comfortable atmosphere in the house depends on the amount of penetration of extraneous sounds. The quality of the room acoustics can be determined using the duration of the reverberation. The acoustic properties of the hall may vary depending on the paths and obstacles that the sound from the source to the listener overcomes.


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