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What is an avatar?

Anna Kazakova
Anna Kazakova
March 18, 2013
What is an avatar?

A person who barely began his acquaintance with the possibilities of the Internet, much is not clear. Including the specific slang in which experienced users communicate, it seems to be foreign. So many unfamiliar words, terms and concepts. And awkward to ask. Especially for those who find themselves in this position, we write articles like this.

Have you come to the forum and are faced with the need to install an avatar on the page? But what is an avatar you do not know?

An avatar or userpic is an image that a member of a forum or social network adds to the information about himself along with his nickname. Usually in the correspondence next to the replicas of the user there is a photo or a picture - this is his avatar.

But what is an avatar like a word? Where this abracadabra comes from. In fact, the “avatar” in translation from Old Indian is the reincarnation of God on earth. How and why it came to modern Internet slang - we can hardly find out 100 percent exactly.


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