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What is antifreeze?

December 19, 2014
What is antifreeze?

Every motorist, of course, sooner or later faces the fact that it is necessary to change the coolant. It is not useless to find out what antifreeze is and what it is intended for.

Additional information on the types of antifreeze can be found in the article What antifreeze to fill.

Etymology and meaning of the word

The word compound is derived from English words that are translated "against" and "freeze." This is a generic name for liquids that do not freeze at a sufficiently low temperature. It is used in installations that operate in the cold and in engines for cooling, and also as an anti-icing agent in aviation.

What is it made of?

Antifreeze is a mixture. Glycerin, ethylene glycol (propylene glycol), monohydric alcohols and water are present there. Read more about this in our article What are the differences in antifreeze?

What is it for?

Oddly enough, but antifreeze is called coolant. This is because its freezing temperature is lower than the water temperature.The main thing in the purpose of antifreeze is that it prevents damage to machine parts resulting from the freezing of water (when it is cold, it tends to expand). Therefore, one of the important characteristics of antifreeze is its freezing point. The lower it is, the better it is.


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