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What is arthritis?

In the article I will tell you about this disease, like arthritis. You will learn what arthritis is, why it arises and how it differs from the similar in name, but different in origin and symptoms of the disease - arthrosis. These diseases are confused often enough, so the last chapter of our article will be devoted to explaining the differences between them.

Description and causes of arthritis

In fact, arthritis is not the name of one, but of a whole group of diseases of the joints. Arthritis is also called the defeat of any one joint, and if a group of joints is affected, then polyarthritis is called the disease. Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in the world, and neglected forms of arthritis almost certainly lead to disability. The main type of arthritis (by degree of spread) is rheumatoid. Modern scientists believe that the cause of this inflammatory disease of the joints is some kind of infection, however, it is still impossible to say exactly which one. However, this assumption may be wrong, since it is known that rheumatoid arthritis is not treated with antibiotics, which, in theory, should kill the virus.Rheumatoid arthritis is treated with pain relief as well as joint surgery. Rheumatoid arthritis usually manifests itself under the influence of emotional stress or shock, after prolonged and severe physical exertion and a high degree of fatigue, as well as as a result of exposure to various infections and even during hormonal alteration.

Disease progression

In the first stage of rheumatoid arthritis, you can notice some swelling around the joints, a rise in temperature in these places, as well as pain in the joints. In the second stage, the synovial membrane of the joints begins to thicken, and then, in the third stage, the joints become deformed and the pain increases significantly. There is also a noticeable loss of motor function of the affected joints. Rheumatoid arthritis usually manifests itself in the form of polyarthritis, that is, not one but several joints are affected. The disease develops rather slowly, it can be seen from such manifestations as stiffness of the joints in the morning (this lasts about half an hour), spontaneous pain in the joints, which increases with active movements.

What is the difference between arthritis and arthrosis?

Unlike arthritis, arthrosis is a typical articular disease, that is, it does not affect other body systems. At the same time, arthrosis is an age-related deformity of the joints, and arthritis most often has other causes and it can even begin at a young age. The only exceptions, when arthrosis begins early, may be joint injuries and significant overload if a person goes in for sports. But the main difference between arthritis and arthrosis, of course, is that the former is an inflammatory disease of the organism as a whole, and arthrosis affects only the joints. It is worth noting that about 2% of the world's population suffers from arthritis, while 10% of people over 40 suffer from arthritis. We also add that arthrosis is a much more studied disease than arthritis, the causes of which have not yet been identified with 100% accuracy. Apparently, the whole complex of the reasons mentioned in our article affects the onset of arthritis.


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