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What is barley?

Marina Fedotova
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What is barley?

In the conditions of modern life, the human body is often exposed to adverse environmental factors and numerous stresses. Our immune system can not always cope with the onslaught of pathogens and therefore often fails. Probably, each person had �barley�, and everyone treated him, getting �blew� from his grandmothers in his eye. Yes, it worked, but where did we get this rather unpleasant disease. Now we will try to understand what is barley.

So, barley on the eye is a disease of the century, in which we see a purulent mound. It appears when the bulb of the eyelash is inflamed. Sometimes it happens that barley is formed somewhat or they are combined into one. The disease always goes away with symptoms of swelling and swelling of the eyelid. A person feels stress on the eyelid, sometimes the temperature can even rise.

You have barley on your eye: the reasons for this are staphylococcus (Staphylococcus aureus). This is a bacterial infection that is not contagious.Mostly barley is manifested in people who have reduced immunity (for example, after an illness), also after a strong overcooling of the body and amid seasonal avitaminosis (lack of vitamins).

Do not panic in the event of the appearance of barley on the eye. Symptoms of this infectious disease pass quickly. On the eyelid, as we have said, there appears a swollen zone, which is accompanied by edema. Symptoms generally last from two to four days. At this time, suppuration is formed in the upper part of the swollen area. At the end of the course of the disease, the barley itself opens and the wound is cleansed of pus. In no case squeeze the barley, because you can spread the infection to the surrounding tissue, and the treatment may be delayed.


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