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What is chat?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 15, 2013
What is chat?

The word that is very densely entered into the everyday life of modern man - chat. But not every user can know the exact definition of what a chat is. Chat is one of the ways people communicate over the Internet. This is such a site, it can be said, a small social network where you can correspond with electronic messages with another person online. You can write messages to each other when you are online. You can see how the chat looks like with a few examples, for example, here:

What to write in the chat

The question of what to write in the chat can be answered in completely different ways. Since the chat has to communicate freely, you can write anything there. In principle, there is no special censorship in chat rooms. At least not in all. But, nevertheless, in correspondence, for example, with a girl or a guy in a dating chat, you should not rely on your not very decent (if you have) vocabulary. The fact is that the chat is a place where you can discuss the problem, ask for advice, laugh and meet.Therefore, you can write in the chat about what your interlocutor will be interested in, what I would like to talk about with messages not only to you, but also to other users. By and large, chatting is often, if not constantly, beyond the scope of small talk. Basically, people sitting in chat rooms are just trying to “kill” time, laugh and mock other users (users).

Being in chat

If you often hear, but do not know what it means to chat, you can find such information here. To be in a chat means to be online on the site for communication (that is, in the chat) in your account, to correspond with other visitors of the chat, to communicate, to exchange information.

When you sit, chat, send messages, emoticons, likes, kisses and much more to your interlocutors - this also means that you are in a chat.


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